Bike service on the road in Salzburg

Carinthia, Styria and the Salzkammergut

MoHo: since 1996 we’ve been the original MoHo Hotel in the Alps!

As a founding member of MoHo we’ve always been a part of and helped shaped living motorcycling culture and know all the best roads in Salzburg, Styria and the Salzkammergut.

We’ve heard it before that with MoHo, you not only get to know the roads, but also the people and culture, and we’ve heard that for a reason.

We know what makes a perfect motorcycling trip, we know the tours outside of the mainstream, the real inside tips for food and drinks, and the best spots for photos. You will be surprised!

Certified quality in 3 MoHo-Categories:

5 Helmets: Hotels in this category, such as Hotel Solaria, are the elite MoHo – Motorrad Hotels. The hosts are certified tour guides with gasoline flowing through their veins. On tours together they’ll show their guests the best tours and places in the area.

4 Helmets: These hosts are bikers as well. Like their peers in the higher category, they live up to certain standards and are tested each year (standards according to EN ISO 9001:2015).

3 Helmets: These hotels expand MoHo beyond the Alps. They not only make for great stopover, but also offer everything you need for an extended stay as a biker.