Why take a summer vacation in Obertauern?

This is what summer at Solaria has to offer

For a lot of winter guests it’s hard to believe, but anyone who’s experienced a summer vacation in Obertauern is sold on it. Though you couldn’t really speak of untouched nature, everybody is astounded at how green the ski runs get in the summer, and how little there is to see of the ski lifts.

Obertauern in summer: it’s a beautiful high plateau framed by majestic mountains, but they don’t visually crush you as the village itself is already at a fairly high altitude. Beautiful hiking trails are waiting to be explored, some lifts and skiing lodges are open and these are worthwhile destinations for day trips.

If you are allergic to pollen or dust, you’ll find soothing in the air here, or find that you are mostly free of any troubles with your allergy, as the causes to it just aren’t up at this altitude – or at least are very rare.

Take a break from the heat: This might sound unusual, but countless people enjoy this every year. When everyone in the lowlands is suffering in unbearable heat, we up here are enjoying the best part of summer. Enjoy the summer nights on your vacation in Obertauern, the quiet and cool mountain nights will make for some restful sleep.

The mountains are a challenge, not only in winter, but also in summer, especially for those taking on the mountain bike trail “Stoneman Taurista”. Obertauern is a stage of the only permanent Stoneman trail in Austria. No matter if it’s your starting point, destination or just a stage in between, Hotel Solaria is a great place to set up your base.

On your toll-free and traffic jam free trip towards the South, Obertauern makes for a great stopover. There’s almost always a vacant room for a short stay – check for availability now!

Learn more about summer activities in Obertauern:

Hiking and Mountain Adventures

Those who only know the place in winter would never expect in what rich green the pastures around Obertauern will show themselves in summer, and how colourful the mountains turn when the Alpine roses are in bloom.

Mountain biking

For cycling enthusiasts there’s a lot to discover in Obertauern. From the challenging highland mountain bike trails to easy-going cycling with your family, there’s something for everyone.

Lifts in summer

Multiple ski lifts are open in summer and get the hiker who’s taking it easy to the middle parts of the hiking region. Grünwaldkopf lift will get you to Hochalm with its wonderful sun terrace and the unmatched view.

Motorcycling & vacation

Hotel Solaria in Obertauern has been a bikers’ hotel since day one. We, the brothers Werner and Christian Schmidt, are motorcycling enthusiasts ourselves and that’s why we began to cater to motorcycling guests 25 years ago.

Surrounding Area

Obertauern is located at an altitude of 1.700 metres and is blessed with a mild bracing climate. Stays and gentle exercise can lead to a general improvement of your health and wellbeing.

Day trips

Due to Obertauern’s convenient location, there are plenty. From scenic roads to mountain lodges, such as Oberhütte, to museums: Here’s an overview of all the sights to see in Obertauern.