Senza Confini

Boundless motorbiking fun

Hotel Solaria extends ist tours!

For the past 25 years of motorcycling tourism, the Solaria won over countless regulars. We’d like to offer something new to these regulars, and of course, attract new guests.

We are expanding our tour offers by another location in Italy.

Albergo Bellavista in Ravascletto – another hotel of the MoHo 4 Helmets category – is our base in Italy.

Just beyond the Italian border lies the Italian province of Friuli: A gem for those who know where to find the hidden treasures of this region.

Unlike the widely known Southern Tyrol, where you can hardly tell the difference between Austria and Italy, here you, if you cross the border, you will immediately find yourself in a different country and different culture.

The language, too, is a completely different one. Italian mixes in with Friulian influences. German is spoken almost exclusively within the three German language islands, Timau, Sapada and Sauris, but even there it mixes in with local dialects, so it can barely be recognized as German.

Due to this, the region is much more traditional and mostly free from mass tourism, so it has even more in store for anyone visiting the region.

Extraordinary landscape, history, culture and cuisine will leave you stunned everywhere you go.

Prosciutto di San Daniele, Speck di Sauris and the fine wines of the Collio region are just a few examples of culinary highlights.

The history on either side of the Slovenian border is rich, as is the culture of the towns by the sea at the foot of the mountains.

The split city of Görz/Gorizia, the former Venetian commercial centre Palmanova, the province’s capital Udine, as well as Venice itself is rife with both.

The winding roads over the passes are remote, almost lonely, narrow, and unknown to many, and the good old Friulian concrete gives your wheels a special kind of grip.

What more could your heart desire?

  • Perhaps enjoy all that on a guided tour?
  • With a stopover on the way there?
  • With accommodations to leave your car and trailer?
  • And perhaps, bring only some necessities and leave the rest of your luggage at your room?
  • Book the entire deal online, right here?

That is just what you get here: Boundless motorcycling enjoyment between Hotel Solaria and Albergo Bellavista, between Salzburg and Friuli, between Austria and Italy.

Some of the tours, especially on the narrow Friulian mountain roads, are rather challenging. That is why we recommend this program for experienced bikers with sufficient practice on these kinds of roads.


The Senza confini offer starts Sunday to Saturday. Of course, you can also book additional stays at Hotel Solaria.

Here’s what we have planned for you:

Sunday: Arrive at Hotel Solaria get a briefing on the tour and your GPS data after dinner.
Monday: Guided tour to Ravascletto after breakfast. Leave whatever luggage you don’t need, as well as car and trailer, if necessary at Hotel Solaria. There’s a lunch break south of the Austrian border. In the after noon, after going the extra mile across Monte Zoncolan (known for the finish line of the steepest lap of Giro d’Italia), we will arrive at MoHo Bellavista in Ravascletto, our stay for the following three nights, located on a picture-perfect southern slope.

Most times, after check-in, we enjoy the sunset on the patio with a cold beer or a refreshing glass of Friulian white wine, before concluding the night with a rich dinner of local specialties.

Tuesday & Wednesday: After a thorough breakfast we’ll go exploring together. It would be unreasonable to set up a fixed tour program. The possibilities of the area and participants’ preferences are too vast – of course we take note of these as best as we can while planning the tours. One set spot, however, is Lago di Sauris – not only for the “Speck di Sauris”, which is in no way inferior to its better known counterpart of San Daniele.

Very often, there are parts of the Dolomites on our ways, but the roads may also lead us to the sea, and then back through the picturesque vineyards of the Cividale region. Anything is possible. Of course, every night is crowned with a meal at Bellavista.

Thursday: After breakfast, we will head towards Obertauern. Of course not before taking a detour to the south, through the wild and romantic Slovenian Soca Valleay and take on Vrsic Pass, the finest switchback track the Julian Alps have to offer. It might be that in the afternoon, we’ll have an encounter with the Nock Mountains, which only raises the anticipation for a nice cold beer at Solaria. Here too, of course, a good meal is waiting for us, this time made by Chef Peter, who prepares the finest Austrian specialties
Friday: Friday is completely available for you. There are lots of suggestions for tours that come as road books or as GPS data. If you’d like to get a different experience of the mountains, get on your walking boots and go for a hike, or just go on up in one of the chair lifts. Salzburg, the city of Mozart is barely an hour away and definitely worth a visit. The culmination is the “Best of Salzburg” four-course dinner with homemade products and local specialties.
Saturday: Our large breakfast buffet concludes the program, and we wish you a good trip home.
Changes to the program are possible at any given time if required by the circumstances.
The tours – especially on narrow Friulian mountain roads – can be rather challenging. That is why we recommend this program for experienced bikers with enough practice on these kinds of roads.

Prices and dates

  • 3 Übernachtungen im Hotel Solaria
    (Planmäßig Sonntag – Montag & Donnerstag – Samstag)
  • 3 Übernachtungen (Mo. – Do.) im Hotel Bellavista in Ravascletto
  • Zimmer mit Dusche/WC oder Bad/WC
  • 6 x Frühstücksbuffet
  • 6 x Abendmenü
  • Geführte Touren von Montag bis Donnerstag
  • GPS Daten, Roadbooks & Übersichtskarte für die restlichen Tage
  • Garagenplätze oder überdachte Stellplätze für die Motorräder
  • Stellplätze bei Anreise mit Auto & Anhänger

€ 499,00 pro Person im Doppelzimmer
€ 599,00 pro Person im Einzelzimmer

Derzeit geplante Termine:

14.06. – 20.06.2020 – noch 3 Zimmer frei
21.06. – 27.06.2020 – noch 5 Zimmer frei
30.08. – 05.09.2020 – noch 3 Zimmer frei
06.09. – 12.09.2020 – noch 5 Zimmer frei

Individuelle Termine auf Anfrage ab 6 Personen.

Auf Wunsch für Gruppen auch als “Adventure” Variante für Reise-Enduros mit ausgiebigem Schotteranteil möglich.